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The Product that Started a Tubeless Revolution. Inside this simple bottle is a product that changed cycling. Today's tubeless systems rely on the lighter, more reliable, self-sealing performance of Stan's Tire Sealant.

Pre-measured and ready to apply to one bicycle tyre.

Can I run your sealant in other brands of tubeless rims?
Yes, our sealant can be used in any tubeless application.

How much sealant should I use?
For a XC 29er tire we recommend 90-120ml of sealant. The amount of sealant can be adjusted based on the volume of the tire. More sealant can also be added if a tire is porous and difficult to seal. For road and cyclocross tires, we recommend 60ml.

Can I add sealant to my tubes or tubular tires?
Yes, if the tube or tubular has a removable valve core.

Why is my tire weeping/leaking sealant?
This is the natural process of the sealant evaporating. It is more evident in some tires, but is nothing to be overly concerned about. This “weeping” does not impact the effectiveness of the sealant.

How long will the sealant last in my tire?
The sealant should last anywhere from 2-6 months or longer, depending on your local conditions.

What is the sealant shelf-life?
Sealant bottles should be kept tightly sealed, and stored in a cool, dry place. The sealant can be expected to last for many years if not used.

Is there ammonia in your sealant and it is bad for my tire and or rim?
Any trace amount of ammonia in Stan’s sealant will evaporate soon after it is injected into the tire.

Will using your sealant void the warranty on my tire?
Stan’s NoTubes sealant will not damage your tire. Please consult your tire manufacturer’s warranty guidelines.

How do I get your sealant out of my tires or tubes?
Liquid sealant can be rinsed out with water or wiped away with a rag. Stan’s sealant is biodegradable.

Do I need to clean the sealant out of my tires?
It is always good to wipe excess sealant out of your tires if you plan to use them again. A dry rag is sufficient for cleaning out regular sealant.

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