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Innovative mountain bike mudguard designed by ex-pat New Zealander and World Cup downhill mechanic Jason Marsh. Fits most forks and many rear triangles.

Our Story

After a Santa Cruz Syndicate testing session in the wet, Jason Marsh ‘bodged’ together a front splash guard to protect the riders vision from the spray coming up from the front wheel. This ‘bodged’ sample was taken back to Tony Seagrave, a friend who had been involved with several product design launches.

Tony and Jason then refined the shape and sourced a sustainable material. Together they produced a small batch of the first MarshGuard for the 2012 Wold Cup in Fort William, Scotland.

Bizarrely, that race weekend was pretty dry – until qualifying. With the weather forecast showing showers, Jason handed the new product to mechanics around the pits. Everyone loved them and 90% of the riders in finals crossed the line using our product. Marshguard took its first World Cup win on a Trek piloted by Aaron Gwin. The Marshguard was born.

With the introduction of the 27.5" wheel size, our shape and material weight altered slightly and more recently, with the launch of the new forks form many companies and riders opting for the 29 front wheel in DH racing, we decided to source another more sustainable materiel whilst updating the shape and fit. The new 2020 fully recycled and recyclable MarshGuard has arrived.

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