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Chris King Hub Servicing

  • Chris King products are built to the highest tolerances with stainless bearings throughout for the longest possible lifespan

  • The bearings are easy to service yourself and this means they very rarely wear out

  • A full rebuild (removal of bearings and ringdrive) requires their specific toolset, and we encourage this from time to time to completely remove all contaminants from inside the hub and inspect the drive mechanism for wear

  • Even old hubs that a running very rough can be brought back to life, often without needing any replacement parts!

  • Headsets and bottom brackets can be serviced easily by the end user without removing the bearings, but we are happy to give advice on how to do this or even do the job in house for a small fee

  • If a headset or BB needs a bearing replaced this will have to go back to Chris King

  • However if they are installed correctly and looked after it is highly unlikely to need it!


  • Target Turnaround time for most jobs is within 2-3 days of receiving the item

  • Please include our service form or detailed note with the item so we have contact details, and a complete description of what might need any special attention

  • The item must be clean before we can start working on it, so if it excessively dirty there will be a charge to clean it

  • Bribery is accepted for urgent jobs! Notifying us in advance will also be essential if you need a fast turnaround.

  • Wholesale pricing is for a standard service only and does not include gst or freight

  • Pricing subject to change

  • We are happy to advise on any tuning or upgrade options available for all of our products so if you have any questions just pick up the phone

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